• Are RTS & CTS Unicast frames or broadcast? If unicast how will the other clients come to know that they should update the NAV. If brodcast, I never seen a RTS frame with brodcast destination, while CTS always has only the reciever address

  • Both RTS and CTS frames are unicast. The reason that it works for ALL stations is because whether the frame is addressed for a device or not, they MUST obey the duration value in the frame. So, if a device hears a frame that contains a duration value (All frames except PS-Poll has the a duration field) then that device must set its NAV timer appropriately. Keep in mind one of the rules is that a duration value can make your NAV timer higher, but never lower. NAV timers must countdown on their own and cannot be reduced. Well, to be perfectly technical, I think a CF-END frame can make the NAV timer Null, but that fact is just for the really geeky at heart.


  • Thanks for clarification

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