• Any ideas on the first steps to take for learning the ropes of long distance outdoor wireless bridges? I've worked on a couple of short distance bridge deployments in the past but I am very interested in learning the art of long distance connections. Are there on site classes to take for this type of training? Thanks for any information y'all may have.

  • Take a drive down to Arkansas and visit. We have a lot of PtP connections for our WISP. Oh, I may have you climb a tower while you are here. Not afraid of heights are you? :)

    The interesting thing about PtP connections is that you can design them before you even buy a piece of equipment and know that the link will work. I'm never taught an "on-site" outdoor class, but some of the things you learn won't be what you would think. For example, how do you find the height of an obstruction like a tree? Simple. The iPhone. :)

    I'm not aware of any classes that teach it, but the CWNA class does go over PtP link budgets, Fresnel Zone, free space path loss (FSPL), Earth Bulge etc. that are vital to understanding PtP connections.

    Let me know if you want any specifics and I'll do my best to help. Thanks!


  • I'm not real big on heights but as long as you have some climbing gear that I can clip on with I'd be game. :o It's 543 miles from here to Searcy and I'm definitely contemplating the drive.

  • I wouldn't have you climb a tower man, I don't even do that. :)

    Now I'm under pressure to teach something if you show up. Ohh, the pressure.



  • If you haven't met Gene already, I tell you now that the drive will be well worth it.

    Gene is one of the most switched on and helpful guys I have met, you will have a great time.

    Neil Mac

  • Neil,

    Wow, that is a real compliment!

    And of course if you come down, we'll go for a ride in the Ferrari. We'll call it "War Driving" :) Oh, by the way, do you have name?


  • Hey Gene!

    Now that's wardriving! I wanna come too! Have you created a monster?


  • So should I organize a Wi-Fi conference in small town Arkansas? :) I'm up for it!

    It would be lots of fun...


  • Gene's annual WiFi conference and Hog Roast.

    I'll fly in for that. :D

  • Count me in, too. WiFi and pig pickin'. What a great combo!

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