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    I am looking for a frame capture of the establishment of Peer Keys also known as STA keys. I need a capture of the PeerKey handshake that allows for the generation of dynamic keys for a client station-to-station link within the parameters of normal BSS operation.

    I have never seen this behavior in a sniffer before and if anyone has a capture of a PeerKey handshake, I really could use it for the WLAN security book that I am currently working on.

  • I have a follow up question... is any vendor doing DLS (802.11z)?


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    I have a follow up question... is any vendor doing DLS (802.11z)?

    Not that I know of. But someone wants all of this. I did a search on Google about a year ago trying to figure out what vendors actually wanted to do PeerKey and I believe it was Aruba engineers that wanted the capability in the standard. However I have never found the setting on an Aruba controller. I am going to post this same question on the Aruba forums and see if someone can give me an answer.

    I have been dying to see this in a sniffer for a long time. If I get a capture, I will send you a copy Gene.

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    No one ever sent me a PeerKey capture. I am thinking PeerKey might be an IEEE dream... sort of like the tooth fairy.

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