• wasn't sure where to place this...

    Can anyone recommend a laptop carrier for performing site surveys? I need to confirm coverage in a considerably large warehouse next week, and don't feel like carrying my laptop all over.

    I'm looking for something that goes over the shoulders and around the waist... with a tray.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I think the best system I've used as a custom configured Segway... way cool.

    I've used a couple of different laptop 'tables' - ones that make you look like a 1940's Cigarette Lady...

    Make sure you Velcro your laptop to the tray!

    I'm currently using a Motion J3400 tablet - and they have a great 'field kit' to add the over the shoulder/back straps. Works great!

    Carts work very well also.

    I've also had really good results with the 'handicap' carts in retail stores.

    Good luck!

  • just my 2 cents...

    If you are surveying for voice use the model of phone the client is planning to using. If your are surving for data, use the a phone, give the client voice grade and save your back!


    Ive used the laptop holder before. After a 2 days it feels like you are carrying around double DD's..

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