• Has anyone come across 2x2 standard ceiling vents that have RF dampening qualities? I work in a large, newly constructed, 4 story Hospital building that has, in some areas, as many as 6 2x2 air ducts all in a row. I get severe RF bleed from other floors. This causes areas of co-channel interference on the b band that cause havoc on spectralink phones passing these areas. I have the AP transmit power dialed down as far as I can (8 to 10 dBm). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would bet that better grounding along the length of your ductwork would help tremendously.

    Check out the requirements for Tempest and Zone level approved installations too.

  • Try higher gain omni antennas. The higher the gain, the flatter the vertical beamwidth. It's a trick that quite a few of us use, back when I used omni antennas. :)


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