• I have been investigating why I cannot get this iPad on the Guest wireless network with a captive portal.  I noticed some traffic that I was not able to understand. I am hoping a Guru out there would be able to shed some light on it for me. Here we go. The first packet I noticed looks like this:

    Type: data 00 Subtype:data 0000 DS: 11 FC: 000000  duration: 44us

    RA: the correct BSSID  TA: 000fc8000006 <-000fc8 is one of the wlan mfg.'s OUI's

    DA: iPad's MAC

    FN: 0000 SN: 2000 and it keeps incrementing

    SA: AAAA03000000 Universal local address or LLC header looks like LLC but I wouldn't think it would have the DS=11

    Now I'm 99% certain this is coming from the iPad.  Any ideas? Some sort of malformed ARP? They seem to be more than an anomoly.

  • I could only help if i had a iPad to troubleshoot on, wink wink

  • Yeah LEKtech, not sure how beneficial it would be with my eyesight I have even invested in a couple of 22" monitors at home as I struggle with my laptop reading pdfs etc but would be good to test.

    I am amazed though at how many people are having issues. Has anyone got it working almost out of the box on an apple access point I wonder. Could they be doing something funky that they aren't letting on or was it just rushed to market?

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