• Cool Aid time boys!

  • Refer to [url=]Cisco CleanAir Technology At A Glance[/url].

  • Apparently and again its Cisco marketing v Aruba marketing

    Its oretty much impossible to do this sort of thing in software which is what Aruba are proposing I believe.

    Also Aruba jumped on th eCisco marketing as they heard about the launch andpoured water on Ciscos fireworks by doing a press release a week before Cisco even though their product isnt available till later in the year.

    Fair play Aruba I know I would have.

    I really need to get o know Aruba better.

  • cwnpchina, thanks for the link ...

  • Check out the movie being shown on the laptops. It?s ?Office Space???don?t know about anyone else, but I thought it was hilarious. For anyone who has ever worked in an office, it will ring some bells.

    The ?Two Bobs? are hatchet men from ?corporate?.


  • Its worth mentioning tht the Motorola AP-7131 also does spectrum analysis, I havent found much or any info on it yet but its very early dats for all 3 manufacturers, no doubt they will each have a bakeoff and each be better than each other?

  • By (Deleted User)

    My Cisco SE made the pitch for the 3500 and he knew we just bought over 120 now legacy APs. Maybe next year.

  • I can tell you about all of them, having had experience of them and, well, I sat through a presentation of a Cisco engineer to a client of the 3500.
    Pete, the Aruba solution is not all software (even though they are marketing it like that) it relies on some hardware features that Aruba jointly developed with Atheros and it only works with the chipset that is in the Aruba 105 & 125 APs (which again suggests they have some hardware features it relies on).
    The Motorola 7131 has a third radio in it specifically for spectrum analysis (on a particular model). This AP requires PoE+ as otherwise it can't power the third radio. It does do fairly good spectrum analysis, but like the Cisco AP needs to be put into a special mode to do that (so you won't be doing SpecAn all the time). BTW, Motorola was first out the gate with this feature as they brought it over from what AirDefense was doing with it. As a side note, Motorola is moving to using AirDefense as their centralized management platform. Its also vendor agnostic so can potentially run other manufacturers APs.
    The really nice thing about the 3500 is that it uses some of the SpecAn info to help RRM and other things even when its operating in normal AP mode. To me this is a really good use of the technology and I hope the others see that and also start to incorporate this into their APs.

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