• Hi fellas, I just finished an IT related energy project see for details.

    However, I am getting back into general Wifi related work and I have a question for the gang here.

    I wold like to take an old laptop and with a couple of wifi - g cards connect to my cable providers wifi network. I am a customer so I paid for the service. However, I would like to try to bond or use the two channels as my major access from a temp. office I am in now. I am basically turning the laptop into a small wifi rotuer(no problem doing it with one connection) but I was curious if anyone had done this with multiple radios with any software to load balance the available cell bandwidth. I just want to aggregate some cells and connect them to my lab's switch network for higher throughput.

    I figured this was the fist place to go.
    Any ideas and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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