• Yesterday, I was thinking about the transmit power possibilities of all sorts of clients out there. I started with Intel. Now, I've found that they are usually pretty consistent in presenting 5 power levels of 1, 5, 20, 31.6, and 50.1 mW as lowest, medium-low, medium, medium high, and highest. Highest is the default. The documentation also has this explaination:

    Highest (Default): Sets the adapter to a maximum transmit power level. Use this setting for maximum performance and range in environments with [b][u]limited [/u][/b]additional radio devices.

    For broadcom (ie dell truemobile), this does not seem to be configurable they have a published 15dBm for b/g/n and 14 for a/n and the driver does not appear to have this nerd knob. Which is interesting if you are designing for a pico cell style deployment. Are pico cells something that can be used to address density? Also, are there other clients that have static Tx power ability? Perhaps Atheros, Realtek, etc.

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