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    Amazon now has your new CWAP and CWDP study guides available for pre-order:

    [url=]CWAP[/url] | [url=]CWDP[/url]

    Amazon doesn't yet have the sweet new cover images, but does! Check them out:



    Both books will be shipping in January. What a great way to start off 2011!

  • If CWAP is a new CWNP Cert, then why does Amazon also show a 2004 "official CWAP study guide" by Mr Akin for sale?

  • Because they are trying to sell the remainders of the original, of the previous exam, that they still have in stock[b] ![/b]

    But you can download a PDF of that version for free on this website - unless you just have to have a hardcopy. I still have my hardcopy of it, and I wouldn't part with it.

    But if you want to study for the new exam, get the new version of the book.

    BTW, I suggest anyone thinking of really taking the new CWAP exam to download a copy of the old one too.

  • Thanks!! I have downloaded it, and its much more advanced than the CWNA text. So I am impressed by the CWAP curricullum. BUT, if this was available in 2004, then what was that exam for? (if the CWAP is a NEW cert). Another words, please explain the progression of the CWNP certs.

  • CWAP was removed from the market due to lack of demand. It's been re-released this year.

    The old book still covers a lot of relevant text.

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    What about
    Can not find the books there!
    Leaving Europe outside again? :-)

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  • Hello, Now these books are available, but if I buy them from india, it is going to be triple time cost. I am planning to buy the CWAP and CWDP kits, so I can prepare for both the exams at home.

    Does any one have idea, How can I buy this two kits with the reasionable price. Is there any good policy from cwnp, where we can get the best fedex price.

    Thanks a lot for any response.

    Gurudev Sajwan

  • I have both books on my desk...time to get reading...I want my CWNE by the end of the year.

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