• Apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question and thanks for your suggestion and time.

    We have a deployment model with Motorola RFS6000 and AP300/AP7131 equipments in place. Also I am deploying the WLAN infrastructure with 802.1x+PEAP authentication model.

    My problem is do multiple Vlan's can be supported in a single SSID? I believe everyone had tried this model and may use it in your infrastructure.

    I tested this scenario in my lab setup using Foundry IP250 and could not get it working. I have configured a SSID with 2 Vlan's (Vlan 20 and Vlan 200). My IAS/DHCP/AD/CA setup is working perfectly without any issues.

    Whenever the user belong to Vlan 20 is trying to associate with the AP using 802.1x, the AP put the user in Vlan 200 but surprisingly it get hit with IAS policy for Vlan 20 where the user is configured. The last part is, the user is getting DHCP IP address leased wrongly in Vlan 200 even though the IAS is authorizing the user in Vlan 20.

    When I checked the AP stations table, the user is attached to Vlan 200 only and not to Vlan 20.

    If am I missing something, please let me know and I am happy to clarify my above statements.

    Thanks again for your time and valuable suggestions.


  • Aerojith:

    It is frankly up to Motorola to support that. There's nothing at the routing and switching layer that would prevent this. Like Paul said, you can do dynamic VLAN assignment and achieve that, but there rarely is ever a justifiable use case to use two SSIDs to assign to a single VLAN.

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