• Hi,

    I have just done site survey for a customer but i not have experience on report, do you have any report template for sharing,

    Thank you so much,

    Z 4

  • [b]If you dont mind, please help with indoor and out door template are perfect

    Thank aga[/b]in

  • Hi Z4

    How could you have carried out a survey but not know what to report on? What did you do during your survey, did you use any tools such as netstumbler, airmagnet, wi-spy?

    In the CWNA study guide there is a good template to start with and you can customise it from there.


  • I have just survey connection point to point between to offices, the distance is over 5 miles

    I put a couple access point and made a test, the test successfully with good performance result, ( test by built-in tools)

    so i need to report to customer all things i saw, speed test, device test, antenna cover estimate, and some detail technical parameter on my AP. but i'm afraid i will lost something cause this is a first time i done.

    Please provide me advice

  • Z4

    If you gathered this from the live link, you should have got a few screen shots. Other than that, consider how you want to present the information and how you as a client would want to see it. Dont forget to include information on the time of ,day, weather and that the throughput is ased on these circumstances, much like an MOT. All the other info, such as AP make and model, firmware, antenna pattern, etc should be presented. You may also want to include lightening protection receoomendations, etc. We also like to take several photos, to show where the antennas/AP's are proposed as the client may have objections to certain areas of their buildings.

    I doubt anyone will give you their actual survey format/presentation as some companies have spent a lot of time developing this. It's just a case of preparing it in a readable and legible document that delivers the process undertaken, facts and possible expectations.



  • email me at timothybryandennehy at yahoo dot com and I will hook you up.

  • [b]Thank inhouse and WLAN_ENGR_in_education a lot[/b]

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