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    I'm hearing several different answers on when the CWAP/CWDP study guides will be available. What's the straight answer? I know that I can "pre-order", but what i want to know is when is the earliest i can expect to actually have these books in my hands.


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    Thanks for asking. Amazon pads their dates to under promise and over deliver. Actual dates, as of this writing, are:

    CWDP: Feb 21
    CWAP: Feb 29

  • Kevin,

    You mean [b]Feb 28[/b] for the CWAP SG? Since there are 28 days in February 2011 (2011 is not the leap year)...

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    HAHAHA! That's what I get for copying and pasting without thinking. DOH!

    Let's just go with "late February."

    Thanks for the catch, cwnpchina.

  • Yes, CWNPCHINA you are correct,

    but without looking it up, do you know the [u]full[/u] algorithm for determining a leap year? :-)

    How about the Years 1900, 1904, 2000, and 2100? And the how and why of each?

  • WITHOUT looking it up? Hmmmmmmm, let me figure it out...

    When I was a college student, determining a leap year appeared in the C programming exam every time...

    [i]int year;

    if ((year%400==0) || (year%4==0) && (year%100!=0))

    {return TRUE;}


    {return FALSE;}[/i]

    Correct me if I'm wrong. :-)

  • Looks good to me.

    Back in the good ole days (pre Y2K) the 400 was the number that messed up the largest number of people.

  • I see that the new CWAP book will be out around the end of February. However, I just got my CWNA last week and want to go ahead and get started on the CWAP asap. What sections of the 1st edition of the CWAP book that we can download would still be applicable and a good place to start?

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