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    We all are talking about the new certification and new things for CWNP. As per my understanding is the all the new certification will have the major part of 802.11n technology no matter in phy, mac or analysis. So does any one knows the best book, which can give the read the fundamental, deep and advance knowedge of 802.11n technology. I think this will be the must read for all CWNPs no matter they are in the development, implimentation and maintenance.

  • The best one is no doubt the IEEE 802.11n standard. :-)

    One chapter in the CWNA Official Study Guide is dedicated to 802.11n technology. You can also find lots of white papers discussing this topic. A sample one: [i]Guide to Deploying 802.11 Wireless LANs[/i] authored by David Coleman.

    Jim Geier's latest book [url=][i]Designing and Deploying 802.11n Wireless Networks[/i][/url] was published by Cisco Press this June (Kindle edition is available as well). Whether that book is best is not clear, but you could have confidence in Jim.

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    Thanks a lot. I will try to buy the book of Jim.

  • 802.11n is so large and complex it begs the question... which part do you want to understand? A little over a year ago I got a job of speaking about 802.11n in depth including how spatial multiplexing etc works. I studied the standards but to understand how 802.11n does what it does, you'll have to dig deeper.

    I ended up watching an MIT course on digital communications which has helped me immensely. I learned some principals of RF communication that would have been difficult to find in any Wi-Fi related book.


  • Despite the books title, one of the Amazon reviews for Jim Geier's book makes it sound like "n" is only a part of the book, rather than it's main emphasis.

    I always like Jims books and credit his book [u]Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions[/u] with my passing of the CWSP exam. So if your looking for a good book, I'm betting this book of Jim's is really good, regardless of its main emphasis.

    I thought the "n" chapter in the latest CWNA book was pretty good too.

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    There's another good one out there:

    Next Generation Wireless LANs Throughput, Robustness, and Reliability in 802.11n -- Cambridge Press -- Eldad Perahia and Robert Stacy

  • As Marcus has mentioned the following book is excellent if not the most in depth book you will need. Very deep on technical details and a great layout on the PMD and MAC for N, HT and greenfield operations.

    Next Generation Wireless LANs: Throughput, Robustness, and Reliability in 802.11n by Eldad Perahia and Robert Stacey (Hardcover - Sep 22, 2008)

    Even though it is dated late 08 it covers everything. Worth every penny. You will learn a tremendous amount from this book. I read through it in the fall for a new Cisco Controller CAPWAP N based deployment.

    A great resource.

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