• P 388 Figure 10.23:

    Table 7.24 of the .11n-2007 spec gives the category code value of 7 for HT ( as per the protocol decode of Figure 10.24 ).

    Figure 10.23 shows a value of 16


  • P388

    Figure 10.23

    Under the "Action" field, it may be helpful to change "1= PS Power Save" to "1=SM Power Save" , per Table 7.57n of the spec


  • P 387 Lines 2 through 4 under "Static SM Power Save" heading:

    " setting the SM Power Save subfield in HT Cpabilities field of the HT Capabilities Element to 2...."

    should read " 0...", per Table 10.9


  • P388, Figure 10.25, third block from left:

    I would imagine that the wording ?Static Mode disabled? should read something like ?SM Power Save Mode disabled?, as the STA now wishes to power up it?s remaining radios, as indicated by the multiple data streams indication in the fourth and last block.


  • Dave1234 - Technical Editor of the Month winner :-)

  • By (Deleted User)

    Amen to that! Go Dave!

    And, FYI, the CWAP and CWDP errata posts are now 'stickies' to the front of their respective forums, so they're easy to find and reference.

  • Tks guys !!

    P405, description third from bottom:

    TxBM should read TxBF


  • P398, 7 lines down

    2 = 36 K should read 2 = 32 K


  • P 410 Fig 10.47:

    "Calibration possession" should read "Calibration position"


  • P 413, First/second lines of second paragraph under ?ASEL Capabilities? header

    Instead of ?..using the ASEL Control subfield of the HT Control field in the MAC header?, it may be more accurate to say:
    ?using the ASEL Control subfield ( MFB/ASELC ) of the Link Adaptation Control subfield of the HT Control field in the MAC header?


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