• P454, first paragraph, second line:

    Suggest changing ".....they needed new technical protocol...." to ".......they needed new technical protocols.."


  • The Appendix on page 578 points to some shareware and freeware programs on the CD. But on the CD no programs are available.
    Do you know if the CD can be replaced by Sybex?

  • Pg 85, Fig 3.`3

    Not sure, but aren't the 3rd PS-Poll and the following ACK, shown just before the "client dozing" section superfluous? It's not shown in the bottom part of 3.13.

  • Page 103, Fig 3.32

    The diagram is incorrect, but the explanation above it is correct.

  • Page 109, second line under Fig 3.35

    Formula for G(x) ends with a "+" sign. It should end "+ 1"

  • page 112, Question 1

    Destination shows last Octet of "DS". "S" is not a valid hex character.

    (perhaps it was the original content of line before editing?)

  • Page 115, Question 13, in frame capture

    Hex value of Fragment Number shown as 0x0000. Should be 0x0002.

  • I got no reponse to a separate post, so I'll add it here too.

    The CD files, downloadable from Sybex, are still missing 2 files. These are Figs. 11.37 and 11.38

  • By (Deleted User)

    We've pushed this one to Sybex. Sorry for the perceived lack of response.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Here's the updated URL on the Sybex web site:,navId-292165,pageCd-resources.html

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