• On page of the index it says speed - RF signals is on page 34. It is on page 31.

  • On page 245 near the top, it says "energy detection level varies... according to the chart shown in fig. 7.2."

    There is no chart shown for fig. 7.2, and neither the figure itself, nor the remainder of the text on that page lists any "energy detect levels".

    Two microsecond timeout values are discussed, but no energy [u]levels[/u].

  • On page 151, under Listen Interval, The second pargraph starts talking about authentication numbers. This line is out of place, as there is no mention of authentication numbers anywhere else in this section.

    I would suggest replacing this orphan statement with a discussion of how conflicts between DTIM Counts and Listen Intervals are handled in the Infrastructure, or the problems that can occur should they not be managed correctly.

  • P 484 last paragraph. Six lines down. "Figure 11.40" should read Figure 11.39


  • Reading the intro of the Official CWAP Study Guide, it mentions the PW0-300 exam for the CWNE certification. My heart skipped a beat and I double-checked the website -- the PW0-300 exam has been replaced with a rigorous list of requirements and an application process.

    This book was published after the Official CWDP Study Guide, which (correctly) does not mention the PW0-300 exam.

  • Chapter 2 Review Question #7 -- says that the correct answers are A, D, E and says the three new PPDUs added by 802.11n are non-HT legacy, HT-mixed, and HT-greenfield. This being the case, the correct answers should be A, C, E (D says Combined HT legacy).

  • Exercise 12-1 refers to two packet captures on the CD: EAPauth1.apc and EAPauth1.apc. The CD contains the files EAPauth1.apc and LEAPauth2.apc. Since both files demonstrate LEAP (CKIP), perhaps they should both reflect that in the name. Either way, the book and CD names should match.

    DISCLAIMER: the rest of this post is no longer errata, but expression of my opinion. In general, the layout of the CD for this book is a bit confusing. There are a bunch of capture files and screenshots in the root, and a bunch of other stuff is hidden around in subfolders. A more logical layout would be helpful.

  • Chapter 12, Section "Reporting Capabilities" under Figure 12-24 (sorry, reading the Kindle edition):

    Second bullet describing capture methods:
    "By only [i]recoding[/i] the statistics..." should obviously be
    "By only [i]recording[/i] the statistics..."

    The next sentence has the same error:
    "...the statistics about all packets are still [i]recoded[/i] from..." should say
    "...the statistics about all packets are still [i]recorded[/i] from..."

  • Chapter 12, Review Question 10:

    Option D says:
    "Uses [i]SMNP[/i] to monitor wireless infrastructure" -- should be
    "Uses [i]SNMP[/i] to monitor wireless infrastructure"

  • Companion CD Flashcards:

    Cards 74 - 77 are kind of Jeopardy style: question and answer fields are switched, but the answer shown in the question field matches the question in the answer field of the previous question. Confused yet? Me, too!

    Card 85 question is prepended with an out of place "Content Free Burst (CFB)" before the real question. Kind of ironic that a contention free burst collided with the question, no?

    Card 112 question field contains a question, and answer, and another question.

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