• Hello,

    I have passed CWDP exam today with 88% score. Following my study plan:
    1) 802.11n Video course from CWNP
    2) CWDP study guide
    3) Objectives
    4) 802.11 arbitration white paper - one of the best WP ever
    5) Some papers from
    6) Guide to Deploying 802.11n Wireless LANs from Fluke written by David Coleman
    7) Math and Physics for the 802.11 wireless LAN engineer - - RF is hard and after reading this one I've realized that it's even harder than I thought ;o)
    8) CWDP study guide again
    9) - 5 posts regarding beamforming
    10) Objectives (googled some stuff like connectors, DFS, TPC, data rates)
    11) RF Basics from CWNA study guide
    12) Experience is a must, maybe you know how to it but you should know why

    For the exam you need to know the Do's and also important the Don'ts. A really tough exam, take care because the clock is ticking.
    For personal reasons I decided for CWDP before CWAP but after the exam I can assure that the best track is CWAP before CWDP.

    CWAP here I go.

  • Congrats on the successful addition of another feather to your cap.
    Please l am currently studying for the CWNA cert.
    I came across the statement 'Define and describe ' a lot in the examination objectives.
    I wanted to ask, does that mean l must understand every detail of that vendor's product and
    Thank you.

  • Leonardo I would like to congratulate you on passing the exam! How did you enjoy the book? What could we have done better?

  • Peri,

    None CWNP certification requires you to have knowledge on a specific vendor. You have to know the technology and how it is used. A lot of vendors have the features that are the same but with different names.


    The book is very good with a lot of good information, some best practices are well known but the book explain why it is a good practice.
    However 800 pages is not tasteful, while reading the book I thought about some things that could be improved for the next version of the book, I cannot remember all at this moment but if I remember I will post it here ok?
    Some topics are discussed a lot of times through the book, maybe it could be discussed only once. e.g - disabling lower data rates, high RF channel utilization. Security chapters could be joint. Chapter 1 and 13 would make more sense if they were only one chapter or one after the other. Chapter 14 and 15 could be joint, I mean you can validate the network and if it is not ok you can troubleshoot it.
    Of course it's just my personal feelings based on my studies. I like to stop everything I'm doing and dedicate to studies. I tried to read all the book in 5 days, with almost 12 hours per day and it was not possible, I have done it two times and my first reading took me 9 days and the second 6 days.
    I wish I had time to take notes about the book while studying but unfortunately I had no time.
    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Shawn,
    I'm about to take the exam in a couple weeks. This is one of the best books on wireless I've ever read. My book is totally marked up with a highlighter, not just for the exam but for the stuff I do everyday at work as well. I brag about this book all the time to people that have no intention of taking the exam. It's full of practical knowledge. It seemed to me that the CWNA was mostly theory and this book is totally different.

    I hear everyone say that this test is really hard but so far I haven't really read anything that suggests that. Maybe I'll feel different after the exam but it seems to me this is just stuff I need to remember anyway for my job as a wireless tech. Maybe there's going to be more math on the exam than the objectives suggest (?) but it seems to me that the book is really more geared towards knowing how to properly design a WLAN network with the appropriate technology for the client.

  • Leonardo said: [quote]For personal reasons I decided for CWDP before CWAP but after the exam I can assure that the best track is CWAP before CWDP.[/quote]

    I didn't know that. I surely would have thought the CWDP would be first. Maybe the CWAP will be easier for me then. I've got a WCNA and followed Vivek's Wireless Security Megaprimer at SecurityTube from the beginning. Keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to get the WCNE (and hopefully work for a company that can afford to pay me a big chunk of change).

  • By (Deleted User)

    There are some differing opinions on what should be first after CWNA. My personal opinion (FWIW) is CWAP before security and design. Why? Good question. CWAP forces your knowledge on the deep details of how every aspect of 802.11 works. Once you've mastered that knowledge, properly designing and implementing secure, reliable WLANs will come that much easier.

    Yes, CWAP is difficult...very difficult, but if it were easy, anyone could do it. ;-)

  • I also passed CWDP exam this week with 76%. For me, most of those 60 questions are very wordy. Sometimes the answer choices are long too, in addition to Exhibits. So I ended up spending a lot of time just to read. @_@ I also use the full 100 min for this exam. I hope the questions will be more concise in the future.

  • Congrats Lojo

  • By (Deleted User)

    Congratulations Lojo. Yes, the questions are long and detailed. Well done. How'd you prep?

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