• Great JOB I Scored in the 60s. It is rough! It is hard to study because the questions are so vast in nature. I was able to get only 44% of the Infrastructure Design and network Services portion. The problem is I do not even know where to begin on studying to bring up that category. I also did porly on the 802.11 Security design.

    I have over a 300 notecards and I have been over the boo three times in the last several months. This is a test that can not be passed straight from the book. A good bit of experience is needed. And I believe they wanteded it that way.

  • Worderful Lojo. Congrats

  • Congratulation. :-)

  • I hope I can join you on Monday! CWDP here I come!

  • Sean,

    Best of luck to you Sean. I'm going for the CWAP in November, after a class.

    I originally thought that I should go for the CWAP and then the CWDP. After reading the super CWDP book, and seeing what it covered, I thought that maybe I had been wrong. However, after taking the CWDP practice test and seeing its extrememly long, and some might say convoluted questions, I decided that the CWAP was the best choice for me right now.

    Either way, both the CWAP and CWDP books are GREAT, and in my opinion anyone seriously involved in wireless should get them both - whether you're going for the certification or not.

  • I agree, I ordered the CWSP,CWDP,CWAP book bundle for $100.

    Do you think the CWDP test is the most in-depth of the three?

  • Waiting outside to take my test. Instructor still is not here. 30 MIN late so far. This is the second time this place had been late starting. Last time I had a security alarm going off every 10 min while taking my test. The lady did not know how to turn it off.

    Standing outside the office in this hot hallway is not a relaxing place to be before a test.

    Wish me luck if I get to ever take the test... I need to get to work!

  • Sean,

    I'd try to find a new location - and maybe a word to the Prometric people.

    I know it can be hard to find nearby locations. Also, as we get into the holiday season, different offices close down - especially if they are related to schools or school districts.

    Best of luck !.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Wlanman, this would be Pearson VUE. Sean, please document anything that goes awry. VUE is very good about addressing such issues.

  • Wasn't anything big. Her assistant did not call in.

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