• Greetings,

    Does anyone know of any tools to capture and replay 802.11 beacons? I am testing wireless bridges and could use a tool like that. I've looked around and see that most sniffers will only replay 802.11 data packets.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I like Omnipeek from Wild Packets. It works with the Cisco AE1000 USB dongle you can get from Wal-Mart. It is the only one I have used.

    Does anyone know of a less expensive or free software for capturing Beacons?

  • Hi Sean,

    While Omnipeek is a great packet sniffer, it will not replay the 802.11 beacons. I need to be able to not just capture, but also replay (transmit them as RF) them.


  • Dmitry, you can download BackTrack linux distribution which has utilities to capture and replay wi-fi packets and also can do much-much more.

  • Hi,

    I've tried Backtrack before, but I think it can only replay 802.11 data packets. Are you sure it can also replay the beacons?


  • Aireplay-ng can replay packets from pcap file.
    Try to use pcap file with beacon packets recorded. Hope that this helps.

  • I believe it was Capsa where I saw one too...their packet builder. As already mentioned, in BT5 aireplay-ng will replay any capture file you have. And I imagine airbase-ng would work as well.

  • Speaking of BT5. I just installed it on a netbook. Any suggestions or tutorials you like for learning how to use the apps in this OS?

    Should I use a certain/preferred USB dongle ?

  • There's the 12 hour Wireless Security Megaprimer we talked about before. It's all BT. Vivek talks about the Alfa in one of the videos. Hak5 has their own version.

    As far as learning apps, you can't go wrong with this book:

  • Thanks Rob. Starting on CWSP .

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