• Any news on an expanded pool of practice questions for the CWDP exam?


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    No news at this time. Many have had self-study success with the 900-page mammoth study guide that includes many good questions, and the official practice test pool. Stay tuned.

  • Haha "mammoth". That's for sure. If I remember correctly 15 chapters and many of the chapters were LONG. I would try to read a chapter a night but some nights I could not finish a whole chapter before my bedtime lol. The book is very hard to put down. LOADS of great information!

  • The CWDP manual is outstanding I bought it several months ago. Good thing I did because I read the chapter on wireless in Healthcare environments before I took a position at a hospital. WiFi in healthcare is exploding right now and I'm finding that you have to treat the environment differently. The CWDP offered a headsup on what I was getting into.

  • Haha it is true that the CWDP has a lot of info on healthcare environments. This is because Mr. Jackman works at Kaiser Permanente.

    What healthcare organization do you work for Delmous?

  • Hey Sean sorry for the late reply. I'm at Texas Childrens in Houston. Funny you should mention Sean Jackman. My co-workers had actually spoken with him prior to my on-boarding with TCH. His advice was instrumental in solving a problem that had become pretty serious. Big props to Sean...

    I can be reached via email at:

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