• I have started a CWDP study group on Linkedin, it open to everyone, however you will have to request access to join (it stops spamming). Please don't send me personal join requests, just join the group.

    It's called the CWDP study group. There is a CWNA study group also, but for now it's a private group for my ex-students.

    The aim of the group:

    1) To focus towards a date for sitting the CWDP exam by scheduling practice sessions and feedback.
    2) To allow discussion of difficult concepts.
    3) Teamwork...
    4) I am NOT offering free training or delivery of any of the course objectives - this is a self study group.

    This should be seen as an addition to, and not a replacement for, the excellent forums and community here at CWNP. Please continue to use the forums here.

    My reason for doing this, I am a CWNT trainer and I want to pitch in some of my training concepts to see if they help.

    Finally, this group is in no way an official product of CWNP, it's an entirely voluntary study group founded by me, a member, not affiliated with CWNP apart from having the pleasure to be a CWNT (authorised trainer). There are no promises of success or delivery of any kind of product. We aim to be wholly and completey in tune with the aims and goals of the good people here at CWNP.


    Neil Mac

  • I will be joining tonight. Thanks.

  • I will join and help out. If you do not mind?

  • Hi, Sean.

    It will be a pleasure to have you on board, thanks for the offer. I know you have tons of experiences and knowledge to share, and you will be a great help !

    Neil Mac

  • The CWDP study group is up and running on Linkedin, we have some members looking to take the exam and others who already have and are helping out.

    Please come and join us, our study plan is going to go live next week, we ar looking to take the exam around Feb 2012 (though some may go for later).

    Neil Mac

  • Thanks for the offer, it will be great to have you on board. I have no doubt that you can contribute immensely because of the wealth of information and experience you possess.

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