• Let's discuss the best way to deploy WLAN in this similar floor plan:

    1) Brick wall used
    2) 1-2 wifi devices in each room
    3) Full coverage (need roaming)
    4) Thin AP w/ controller

    AP location? Antenna type?

    Thank you!


  • The best way is to do it properly! I think there is a lack of information here and the requirements are too ambigous.

    Sure, we can verify wall construction, etc and stick APs into a predicitve planner but you would need to understand:

    1 - what are the Wireless client devices eg VoWIFI ?
    2 - Where are the LAN switches, do they support PoE?
    3 - user densitity

    deploying a WLAN is easy when you have all the information you need as this determines HOW you deploy.


  • What are the client devices. I see in patient rooms, which are Wi-Fi medical device central, and guest access central. So your client list is minimally:
    Infusion Pumps
    Mobile X-Ray
    Pharmacy carts
    Laptop computers in carts with horizontal antenna polarization
    iPod Touch
    I also see some storage rooms so you my need to support supply chain management software. i.e. windows CE devices with lots of SQL queries.
    Will this have VoWiFi? If so which one? How many?
    I see elevators, so this is a multifloor building. Are you the only tenent or is it shared space?
    What is the floor to floor bleed?
    What are the aesthetic requirements? Can the AP's be wall mounted, placed in an enclosure or do they have to be out of site.
    Has an RTLS solution been evaluated? If so, which one has be selected?

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