• Does anyone know how to use or config Aruba AP-125 for site survey without the use of controller?

    Thank you!


  • This should get you started; it is an older document but should get you where you need to go. The basic config is to setup the AP as a RAP, assign an IP address, set the TX power level and give it an SSID.

  • Wow. This is cool if it works. I always lugged my 200 controller around. I thought the radios would not come up until it connected back to controller. I guess making it a RAP enables the radios to come up even if the controller is not found. I must test this ;-).

  • This is the only way I do surveys. I strap an AP-105 to a small battery pack, attach it to a large camera tripod (allows the AP to extend to 20?) and move it throughout the locations that I am surveying. If you have an assistant, rig up two of these and you can crush a survey in no time.

    One word of caution, watch the power levels on the AP. By default it will come up at full power, so you will need to set the power level that you are looking for.

  • OK thanks man. So you configure at a RAP, bridge traffic and adjust power levels and data rates. This is what I do with an autonomous Cisco ap. I am glad to know a way with Aruba now.

  • For anyone doing the CWSP exam, the first diagram in the very interesting document from Aruba mentioned above shows some of the concepts covered in Chapter 11 ( VPNs, Remote and Guest Access )


  • As this RAP setup uses bridge forwarding, you can put a laptop on the wired port and run iperf as a server. Then, as you walk around with Airmagnet on your laptop, you can do a live data throughput test. This will let you see what actual user data you can get through at a given location.

  • Nice. Great Advice!

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