• Hi All,

    One of my customers called me regarding the wifi I've deployed a year back. Their concern is that they can't download apps from the apple app store via the wifi but no issues if they download via the 3G network. Deployment is using pure cisco equipment. 50 APs, 1 router, and 5 switches. Bandwidth is 50mpbs fiber. Remote user authentication.

    I went to the site and verified that the complain was valid.

    I checked their devices (iPADs and iPhones) to connect but this time using my itunes account and it works with no problem. I can download apps as fast as expected.

    Troubleshoot further and found out the difference between my account and their is that they are using VISA & MASTER card while I'm using AMEX.

    I can conclude that this isn't a network issue but what bothers me is that why there's no issues if they are using 3G network? I still have to verify the users are facing same problem if they are connected to a home wifi.

    Please help!!!

  • A.R.T,,

    I have not seen any responses to your post. Have you managed to resolve the issue ?

    Is it that the users fail to connect to the store via WiFi or the they connect an dthe transaction fails?

  • You say that end users at the customer site cannot download apps from the Apple iTunes store via the WLAN, but can with a 3G connection, but what about through their 802.3 wired Ethernet connection? If they fail with both the wired and the wireless LAN, then the first thing I would verify is if there have been any network firewall related changes or updates that are now limiting various client or port related communications from taking place. I don't think I'd necessarily believe that the issue will be WLAN specific, until and unless you can confirm that both a 3G and Ethernet network access will allow an end user to download from the iTunes store without issue.

  • Hi All,

    This issue still haven't been resolved.

    No issues is connected directly to any port of the switches.

    The problem is that users can connect and browse the apple store but transaction fails in a sense that all users connected via wifi will get an error of "network not available"

    Customer is now trying to liaise with the credit card companies (visa & master). I"m caught in between network issue and user account issue because a 3G network will not give same problem for these users.

  • A.R.T.,

    Is there a firewall on the wired network to which the APs are connected? iI so ask the netwok admin what ports are being allowed. You may ask if the firewall can be opened up for a short while to check if the transactions are completed.

    You should also contact the local aple store find out what ports must be allowed on the firewall for the credit card payments.

    It is a strange since transactions using AMEX are successful with the sam edevices and network infrastructure. As such nothing can be discounted as a suspect.

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