• I finally passed that sucker - and about time too.

  • That's great, Wlanman- congrats!

  • [b]Thanks Very Much ![/b]

    The wireless I normally work with is very Low Level PHY stuff, and I know it very well. The majority of wireless people will never get a chance to work on that level, and therefore I consider myself very Lucky.

    But that doesn't make earning these certifications easier. They really require a well balanced view and sufficient experience.

    [u]Personally[/u] I would have been better off if I'd had more CWAP practice exams - to really point out my weak areas. No matter how hard I try, I eventually memorize the questions, and that doesn't help me learn more Wi-Fi.

    Someone the other day, on the forums, suggested to never set the books down once you start the certification process. I agree with that - study and take the next exam as soon as you can.

    For several reasons, mostly financial, I couldn't do that - but that's my recomendation to everyone.

    Go for it.

  • Congrats man!! Great job!

  • well done.

    Ive ordered the CWAP book so now i own them ALL. I want to see what its all about! :-)

  • Well done


  • WELL DONE Wlanman!! Glad to hear it! On to CWDP then CWNE, right?!?

  • [b]Absolutely ![/b]

    Hope to see more online CWDP Practice Tests first though.

    In retrospect, a CWDP may have been easier [u]for me[/u] than the CWAP, but I'm not going to assume that. I'll still study my butt off.


  • Congrats

  • I really appreciate peoples congratulations.

    It feels great.

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