• CWDP is definitely NOT easy even for a CWAP

  • Jon,

    I'm not expecting it to be easy, just the opposite.

    It's just that I had already had more "design" than I had "analysis" experience when I started down the CWAP path. But that book came out before the CWDP book.

    Again my experience has been at low and specialized level - meaning not WLAN site survey or networking, etc., but design from a manufacturing point of view.

    I was surprised, actually delighted, that the CWDP book had as much client-side design material inside of it, as it does. There were several sections in it, on things like "guts" level antenna construction that have already helped me at my job.

    Two great books !

  • Wlanman!

    Congrats on this awesome achievement! I am still busy with the CWNA, but it seems we are in a similar position when it comes to work - a lot of design and such from a vendor/manufacturer point of view. Not much surveying and such here either ;)

    I've had a look at the AP book and man does it look insanely complex compared to the NA stuff! ;)


  • [u]Everything[/u] is getting more complex !

    Just look at 802.11n - It may only have added about 30+% to the size of the 802.11 spec. But man, what a lot that is.

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