• i have two 9 dbi omni atennas at 5 GHz one is on channel 153 the other antenna is on channel 165 they are at the same height and are about one foot apart is this workable or do i need to move them ??


  • From the wavelength point of view, that is enough. The problem is the gain (and output power).

    The RF being output from each one may saturate the others radio, cutting down the others reception, or even damaging its circuits. The radios might also never get past CCA from a ED (Energy Detect) point of view.

    How much power are the radios, less the antennas, putting out ?

  • In reference to the spectrum mask your signal should drop 28dB at 20Mhz and 40dB at 30MHz from the center frequency in a 20Mhz system, and so does not interfere perse. What are you using, 20 Mhz or 40 MHz ? As these dB's are relative to dBr (center frequency), the amount of interference is related to the transmitted power as stated by wlanman.

  • thanks for the replies. the radio's at max power of 43 millwatts at 20 MHz

  • more info

    one radio is the POP, the second is a backhaul radio, this is a 25 + node mesh, data being sent is less than .5 mbps. i am planning to add diversity to this set up, the antennas are on a roof top and i have very little wiggle room suggestions on distance each frequency wouls be much appreciated


  • I'd say you have enough channel isolation with that TxPower.

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