• Has anyone had experience with this latest trend BYOD "Bring Your Own Device" at the office workplace How does it affect your wireless network? Is your IT shop required to provide support for personally owned wireless devices?

  • you would be thrown under the jail for this at my job. no wifi, bluetooth, USB devices, cameras, cellphones with camera, not even a digital VOM.

  • Interesting you say that Authority.... I once worked in one of "those" environments where security was first, last and foremost in everyones mind all the time. I'm a healthcare environment now and I'm getting a sense that like it or not its coming. ("Resistance is futile" )
    Example; the new IPad3 will have very high resolution, clinicians might be able to use these supposedly "consumer grade" devices to present imagery of a caliber high enough to make medical decisons. But they will buy their own if the facility does not provide them.

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    I have worked at many sites where the mantra was "security".

    Unfortunately, security was not the real issue - it was control. Most establishments didn't have a clue about real security.

    It was just easier to deny their workers access - even if they needed something to do their jobs.

    One government employer I worked for locked away all the user manuals, so their workers couldn't read them - and that was several hundred copies, since every computer had the software.

    I think a lot of Wireless security is handled the same way - but it does seem to be getting better.

  • As far as the iPad in a medical environment, I don't believe the iPad is approved for any medical imaging diagnostics. I'm not saying that it is a bad platform for doing so just that I don't believe this has been approved. A funny thing about the medical imagining is that the screen and video card are what are approved to provide diagnostics. So, they don't update the specs of the machines very often and you may see some fairly out of date video cards and monitors. I typically see doctors using the iPad not for the diagnostics but for patient consultation.....And Angry Birds.... and soon to be Facetime. By the way, has anyone else observed the from and to DS bits both set only during Facetime calls?

  • Agreed, they have not been approved at this time except maybe as a reference/consultation device but I'm trying to think ahead. Imaging does require essentially high end CAD quality video & display HW. Moving that amount of data over wireless links for short distances is something Healthcare IT may be challenged with downline to wind up being displayed on " X" platform.
    BYOD, I see coming in the nearer future. Its being framed in the mobile device arena under terminology like " allowing device deversity" etc... So the feedback question revolves around how IT, which typically provides infrastructure and support of corporate owned gear is now being placed in a position to possibly support "personally owned devices" and provide services for "p.o.d." 's that will be used in the workplace. I'm not talking about just checking email via OWA. I mean access to drive space, records, printing etc.. and doing all of this securely. I yield the floor for responses....

  • We are getting more and more requests for BYOD in the wlan that we sell, especially form schools and government customers. They want to easily recognize, provision and secure a huge diversity of clients.

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