• Recently I get the task to design WLAN network based on Juniper equipment. Unfortunately I could not find good WLAN design documents on their web-site. I can reference many valuable documents from Cisco and Aruba which really help in design activities.

    It seems that the Juniper people did not do much after acquiring Trapeze ((( Lack of documentation does not help to design and sell them effectively.

    But probably, my search was not very effective. If somebody happen to know such documents, please post URL in this post. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Dude,

    Am working with Trapeze for more than 5 years now, please let me know how can i help you? if you have such a requirements I will be happy to help you design your network. Just to let you know, am one of the preferred juniper (Trapeze) wireless engineer in U.A.E as juniper is seeking my employer now to solve other partners issues.

  • If you sign up for a support account at juniper you can download the configuration guides. They are confusingly located under the download software link.

  • Yanter, thank you in advance for your help!

    Design requirements are easy at this step, because it is just high-level design to specify equipment and calculate budget for this project.
    Requirements are following: 10 buildings, in every building there should be placed 21 APs, 5 of them should be sensors to provide WIPS functions. APs should be managed by controller, there should be redundant controller in every building.
    Which model of controller would you advice for such project? Which dual-radio APs can be adviced?
    Regarding WIPS, I have read that WIPS is not provided by Trapeze/Juniper and they have partnership in this area with Airtight and their NMS Ringmaster has some kind of integration with Airtight WIPS. Do we need any kind of licenses for Ringmaster for such integration? Can Juniper APs serve as sensors for Airtight WIPS?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Paul, in order for signing up for their support account, I need at least device serial number. Unfortunately I do not have such information and no authorization code also.
    In order to obtain design information, I tried to apply for Juniper consultant program but did not get reply to my application yet.

  • Hi SimpleW,

    Sorry for late, but i didn't get any email notification at all :(. any way as per my knowledge there are no license for 3rd party application, so it should be easy to integrate between them without additional license.

    IPS and IDP are there by default to all APs, depends if you want to use them in Active or Passive mode, regarding the design, it is really too much to use in each building two controllers (main and redundant) however; if this is a requirement, you might consider WLC-800 as an option.

    if you are looking for n technology please go ahead with MP-532 it is really amazing, if n technology is not required i prefer to go with MP-422 as an option it perform excellent in terms of coverage.

    I can see that u are looking for a documentation, please let me know which one and how can i send it to you, as I have almost all their wireless docs.

    Yasser Anter

  • Yanter, great thanks for your answer. I will contact you via PM.

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