• I passed CWAP on Friday.
    That was a tough one. The Study guide does not provide all the required information. You will have to study various sections from the 802.11-2007 and 802.11n-2009 standards.
    Very valuable knowledge though.

  • Hi Theo,
    Congrats for passing CWAP exam.
    I am studying for it now, I will take the exam mid of March.
    I am trying to find 802.11-2007 and 802-11n-2009, and want to make sure I got the right pdf.
    - Is this  link:
    for 2007?
    - for 802.11n-2009?


  • Congratulations Theo, and good luck to you Romany.

    Romany, these copies look fine.   However, I have mixed thoughts about referencing the older standards.  The 2012 document is the current standard.   

    If you truly want the latest information in the correct context, then 2012 is the one you want.  Besides significant re-arrangement and re-numbering of some clauses, there were other changes and clarifications made in 2012.

    If on the other hand, you want to know what additions were made specifically for 802.11n, then the 2009 release is a good place to start.   Just remember that many of the (other) clause numbers referenced in it will be incorrect.

    Personally, I make a point of making a copy of all the standards as they are released. 

  • Nicely done, Theo!


  • Superb job Theo. We hope you continue your CWNP journey.


    Frames Are Food,

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