• I dont know that I agree with the answer to Q10. It asks.. Which of these 802.11 frames carry a MAC sublayer payload inside the frame body? (Choose all that apply.) One of the answers listed is "QoS Data Frame" - This however is not one of the correct answers. How is it not? The question specifically states "Payload inside the frame body" - To my understanding payload is Layer 3-7 Data. I think this is a DATA Frame.  The answers are Beacon, Re-association Request and Probe Response which are all MANAGEMENT Frames. Management frames do not carry upper layer information and therefore do not carry a Payload. Correct?

  • I just had a look at the .swf questions from the CD, which I assume is what you're talking about.

    You are correct. The answers shown when you click the 'show answer' indeed seem all messed up.

    The explanation wording it gives though is correct.

  • Nice catch!  I suggest you add it to the CWAP errata thread here:

    ...and review the other posts in the thread lest you be led astray.  Good luck!

  • Well lets take a closer look at the wording. It states "MAC SUBLAYER PAYLOAD". Not to be confused with LAYER 3 MSDU DATA payload. 

    Chapter 1 also covers in detail MMPDU. The management frame also carries a frame body, but no MSDU. MGT frames are the only other frame set <other than Data> that use a frame body. This is why the man frames were called out in that answer. 
    Its a trick question in my mind. But good that you brought this up. Its the attention to detail that is important. 

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