• Hi,

    I'm trying to understand how the WPS(Wifi Protected Setup) works, so I connect to my AP via WPS and sniff all the packets using microsoft network monitor's the connection dialog:

    when I click the 'Next' button, it starts to connect, and here's the packets captured:

    it seems all packets are from my adapter to AP, no packet received, but it actually working, the result is 'success':
    why is this?

  • If want to sniff WLAN frames, use Wireshark 

  • I agree with Ravi.

    You need to look at the WIreless frames, not just the ones on the wired network.

    I prefer Omnipeek over wireshark for several reasons - but Wireshark is free so if it will do what you want, then thats great.

  • Here's a great tip I always share with my students: Get BackTrack R5, get an internally supported WLAN adapter (like the USB Alfa cards or the USB proxim 11n adapter), run it in a VMware virtual machine and capture away with WireShark. You could even put the virtual machine on a thumb drive with VMware on it so you can install it and use it as needed. Will work with VirtualBox too.

    Frames Are Food,

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