• I felt this was the best of the CWNP exams. It was a lot more difficult than I was expecting, but also a lot more rewarding.

    The study guide was really good, but external study is a must for this exam. Thanks to the guys that wrote the book - I learnt heaps whilst reading it.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I have just completed Cisco CCNP Wireless but want to concentrate on the design side of wireless, I have done alot of research into design & it looks like the CWDP comes out the best as Cisco do not concentrate solely on wireless design. Would you agree & are you able to share your thoughts on this?
    All the bestSean

  • Aaron, congratulations on passing the exam. Great job.



  • Hi Tom.

    Can you give me some advice please? I qualified yesterday as a Cisco CCNP Wireless certified, but want to study more on the wireless design side of things & see that Cisco do not accomodate just for wireless design, but on here you do, is the CWDP a good target to go for & I believe you need to have CWNA to get the full certification? Is there an order in which they have to be done?


    Many thanks



  • Sean03

    CWNA is a pre-requisite for the CWDP. You can find more info at the certifications section from the menus.
    However, the CWDP is a terrific resource irrespective of wether or not you chose to take the exam. It will certainly compliment your CCNP-W and im sure you will learn a great deal more than Cisco have taught you.

  • I agree.   The CWDP book is an excellent resource.

    Many topics, not discussed in other resources, and all in one place :-).  

    It should whet your appetite for even more.

  • I also. 10/24/2013 in Brazil 

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