• Hi Guys

    My name is Karthik, i am currently doing my Masters at one of the prestigious university in USA.
    In my university , i did get a chance to learn about wi-fi and cwna related topics. i cleared my CWNA on March 12th , 2013. I have some working knowledge and hands on experience with wi-fi survey tools , protocol analyzers and spectrum analyzers. I have the following doubts:
    1) i would like to become a wi-fi analyst/engineer . which exam would you guys suggest as my next step , is it cwap or cwdp?
    2) what are the future prospects upon completing cwap or cwdp. i would love to know in terms of job oppurtunities/career path?
    3) Considering that i have little hands on experience with the wifi tools, would it be wise for me to take up these exams now?

    Your inputs and suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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    Congrats on passing the CWNA!

    As for which is a better next step, you really need to determine what your ultimate goal is and which interests you more - planning and deployment or troubleshooting and tweaking (very over simplified summary).  Also, maybe go on a job finding service website (, linkedin, etc...) and seeing which certificate pulls up results.  Good luck!

  • Hi Karthik,

    Well done on CWNA!  You are now part of the small number of people in IT that understand the complexities of wifi.  As for CWAP or CWDP, I suggest you follow your passion.  Think of it this way, with CWDP you are designing the network and with CWAP you are cleaning up the mess created by someone without a CWNA certification.  ;-)

  • First of all Congratulations.
    Second, I would agree with Brad - follow your passion. 
    I went for the CWAP first, but if I had to do it again I would go for the CWDP (I'm in manufacturing).
    As far as taking the exams now, if you want to become a CWNE it's better to get them done in as short a time span as possible.   That way you don't have to worry about the 3 - year lifetime of the certificates.  If you can afford it, I'd go for it.

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