• OK looking to get setup to do wireless site surveys here for my company.  I'm looking at the Ekahau product but want to know what people use to run the software.  The idea of carrying a lapotp around doesn't sound fun :)  

    what software package do you use? what hardware do you have? 
    I need to be able to do a/b/g/n and we are 100% cisco.  I've done the trining and feel comfortable doing the survey just trying to get my hardware/software needs ironed out.  I don't want to request something I won't use or decided later I'd rather have done something different.  
    If you have other suggestions on survey software (metageek, airmaganet...) please feel free to give me those too.  I'm not set on Ekahau but it just seems to give me the full package without haveing to go purchase more later.

  • Many use the Airmagnet software suite b/c of the addition of spectrum analysis.  I've used Ekahau and it is really similar.  I mostly use LANPlanner since I usually have CAD files and millions of sq. ft. to survey.  LANPlanner has more ramp up time but you can also perform other spectrum surveys.  Definitely, not for everyone.  If you have some budget for a survey kit I strongly recommend this setup  Ask questions, learn, and good luck.

  • The ThinkPad x230 is great. You can see one at the CWDP class in Columbus, OH on March 25 if you can attend that class. I will also have a Surface Pro there. Both great devices for site surveys, spectrum analysis and protocol analysis.


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  • Interesting as I am waiting for the Windows 8 tablets to start rolling before investing in one. Is AirMagnet working OK with Windows 8?

  • Yes, in a VM :)


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