• I am reading the book CWAP(Sybex).I have a question.I want to view the color version of the spectral views.
    On page 441 of Charpter 11 Spectrum Analysis,it says "although all the figures in the book are presented is black and white,electronic version of them have bben provided on the companion CD"
    But I can't find them on the CD. Who knows where I can download the color version of the spectral views? Thanks

  • There is a posting somewhere,I'm sure, which can direct you to a location where you can download them.  At one time it used to be rather easy to perform a "search" on this site, but ....

    CWNP has still not added this feature back into their system.

    You used to be able to run a Google search for something like:
                            "  color spectrum"
    but even that doesn't work well anymore.

  • Download the CWAP companion files at the URL above.  The png files in the root of the zip are the spectral views.


  • Hello Ron,Thanks a lot!!

    I got the file.

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