• Passed the CWAP exam!!!Great exam, tough questions, it´s the hardest from CWNP. Study Block Acks and QoS/TSPEC in detail.From my study plan I would take off CWAP Beta class videos and include all CWNP whitepapersWhat a great book from Sybex!!I've used 802.11 standards a lot of times to clarify unclear things, have it always with you while studying.

  • Congratulations !!!

  • Way to go!  CWAP is definitely a challenging exam, so you've really proven something.  Are you going to apply for CWNE?


  • Yes, I'm in contact with CWNP, some doubts about the application!

    Thank you

  • Again - Congratulations.
    BTW, what CWAP Beta Class videos are you talking about?

    I can't see the webpage you indicated.


  • If I can help with the application, let me know.


  • Thanks Aaron, I'll be glad to have your help!!

  • Congrats on passing the exam!!

    What other resources you used besides the Sybex CWAP book.
    Which white papers are you referring to above?
    How did you practice for protocol analysis, sniffer,etc

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