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    I know that the MPDUs in the A-AMPDU must have same RA and should have same QoS. Is it possible to have different Destination Address?

    802.11 doc also speaks about RA and never got any info on DA.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

     I gave a detailed response to a question about A-MPDU and ASDU on this LinkedIn group;

    Here is a short section of that answer that deals with addressing;

    - For A-MSDU; There is a single 802.11 MAC frame (containing all the aggregated MSDUs), and all the aggregated MSDUs must have IP DA/SA that map to the same 802.11 addresses (TA/RA/DA).
    - For A-MPDU; Each aggregated MPDU has its own MAC header. All the aggregated MPDUs must have the same 802.11 receiver address (RA) but can have different MAC-layer destination addresses (DA); (remember 802.11 address format supports up to 4 addresses).

  • Thanks for the info.

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