• Dear webmaster,

    I took my CWDP exam on 18 May but I still did not receive any confirmation about the exam. Also, I cannot register the exam result in the website. Please advise.

  • I really disappointed to CWNP's services. I sent a few email to their customer services mailbox and also post in the forum for two days. But still didn't recive any reply.

  • This is same for me as well for my CWNA exam result i passed on 17-May-13. I did not receive any confirmation and i am unable to register my exam result also. Really bad service.


  •  I  took a CWNA exam on 03-May-13 and still can not register my result.. At least I would expect that staff respond my emails letting me know that they have a technical problem.

    should take a little more care about their service.. 


  • Hi, I took the CWSP exam on the 7th of May and still can't register my results on the CWNP site. I have already sent 2 emails to the support team but no answers yet. It seems there is an issue with the exam results registration process. Initially i thought there was something wrong with my exam results. Any help will be highly appreciated. Regards

  • We are working hard to get exam results registered.  You should receive a confirmation email by the end of the day, that your results have been registered.  Thank you for your patience!


  • 40 days have passed since I took my CWNA Exam  and I still can not register my result. How much time more it suppose i have to wait ??  I really disappointed to CWNP’s services..

  • We are still having technical issues with our website and receiving exam results from Pearson Vue and trying to get this resolved as quickly as we can. Please send an email to  with your exam information and we will register the results for you. If you have any questions please call 1-866-438-2963.  

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