• Hello,
    I'm working on a project where the authentication is based on EAP-SIM. on mobile phones thats straight forward, but when trying to apply the concept on laptops I got a problem, I couldn't find a way to install EAP-SIM authentication method on m WIN 7.

    Any ideas on how to get an applicant??

    Thank you in advance

  • The Windows 7 supplicant has support for EAP-SIM as to others like SecureW2 and XSupplicant. Do you have a Broadband mobile card in the laptops or is there some other reason for using EAP-SIM?

  • Thank you for your reply Tom.
    I have both broadband card and SC card reader, as far as I understand the SC input is the one to use, the broadband input is used when connecting to 3G.
    I couldn't figure out how to use SecureW2, WPA-Supplicant doesn't work with the message" Association request to the driver failed", and XSupplicant keeps saying: "service not running. Please restart it"!!

    so I'm still stuck!

  • Hi tormentor,                             Am happy to hear that eap-sim on mobile is working where am stuck :) Please find the details below and suggest me the solution.
          1. Using Sony Xperia as User End. Dlink dir615 for access point and free radius as authentication server.
               2. Free radius tested with eap-sim option with the help of eap-sim06 test client provided with free radius, its working fine.
          3. If i configure PEAP on free radius and Dlink as AP with Xperia as UE, its working fine.
          4. If i configure EAP-SIM on free radius and if i select SIM option on Xperia, am not getting access-request on free radius.
         Is SIM provided by operator should have read permission to eap-sim supplicant ?  Or where is the problem ?
         Please suggest me the solution. 

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