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    I did not see this information in the CWNA book, nor could I find it on the CWNP site, but for those of us who like to peek behind the curtain, here is a link to a document that details the structure of 802.11 frames

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    I must beg to differ. Many of the topics in that document are covered in the CWNA study guide. As far as the frame analysis..... take the CWAP class and get the CWAP study guide when it becomes available... trust me, after attending the CWAP class you will be seeing wireless frames in your dreams(nightmares) :-)

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    where specifically in the CWNA book specific frame diagrams, as found throughout the RFP's, for example, are located?

    I have not advanced to the CWAP level, so I can't comment on the contents of that course or reading materials. Obviously. ;->

  • The CWNA Study Guide doesn't detail the internal structure of frames because that isn't the sort of information that a WLAN administrator needs to know. That's more in the realm of the CWAP.

    Also, that 802.11 PDF file is dated 1997, and doesn't appear to contain the later 1999 revision to 802.11. I'd only bother to use it as a historical reference of the development of 802.11.

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