• Anyone have any info on what will most likely be 802.11p? Did a google search that turned up a few morsels but nothing with any substance.

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    The 802.11 WG has internal Study Groups looking at possible future standards for using Wi-Fi in moving vehicles (likely to become TGp, thus 802.11p

    Got that from here:

  • xenical -

  • Interesting. I read in article in my local paper two days ago that said a major American car manufacturer recently funded Carnegie-Mellon to research auto-casting-a technology where people could share playlists, etc with other users within a 30 mile area.

  • The is a company called freedom 4 wireless that has a very interesting product. I was talking with one of the VP's there, Phil Dumas, about their product. It is basically cell phone technology that uses a routing table of some sort. Its mostly used in military situations and in city wide networks. They are even talking about putting internet access on the highway. The sin wave of this technology travels at 240 miles per hour.
    I am not sure exactly sure how it works, but it sounds cool.

  • It's been a long time since anyone updated this thread, but while searching for the affects of Doppler shift on 802.11 signals, I found this document from R & S.

    Page 8 shows some interesting comparisons regarding Guard Interval, Preamble duration, etc for 802.11a versus 802.11p

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