• What are the future communications technologies? And what are roles of WLAN in future generation communications?
    Could you all please show me Articles or Links about these above questions!

  • Here you go:

    That is a link to the Wi-Fi planet site for 802.11i stuff, but it has tons more. Just poke around and check to your hearts content.

    Also, check out the Vodaphone site to read more about their 3G/GPRS stuff. This is all about the rest of the world using the existing cellular network.

    Eventually, everything will converge into SOME type of network that handles voice and data. It won't be very long either.

    Good Luck!

  • By (Deleted User)

    Check this article out.It is very interesting. Wireless Grids-(BMUS)- Beam Me Up Scotty!


  • Check this link out:

    I have heard of a study being done where farm equipment was controlled remotely with the aid of wireless technology.

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