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    Is it possible to connect a 802.11b, 802.11b+ ,802.11g AP with same brand client pcmcia cards in 802.11b , 802.11b+ and 802.11g mode AT THE SAME TIME? Ot the radio just switches the best possible transmission speed 11mgbit to cover all 3 clients?

  • If the AP is 802.11g compliant AND supports PBCC (which is optional in the standard), then it will be able to communiate with 802.11b (DSSS), 802.11b+ (PBCC-11 and PBCC-22), and 802.11g (ERP-OFDM, DSSS-OFDM, or PBCC-11/22/33) all at the same time. Whenever a DSSS client attaches to an AP, that AP will signal "Use_Protection" meaning it will require itself and all associated clients to use RTS/CTS and/or CTS-to-Self before transmitting OFDM frames. Stations using DSSS-OFDM or PBCC will not trigger the AP to require protection because they use the same MAC header as a DSSS frame.


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