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    what is the difference in RTC and CTS when we use WEP in 11b. i mean what is the changes in the vales of DISF , SISF,ISF, Backoff and ACK so what is the values will be when we use WEP in 11b, also what are the values of DISF , SISF,ISF, Backoff and ACK for 11g with WPA .

    i hope to help me in that


  • Hi Freedom900:

    Enabling encryption, either WEP or WPA, does not change the value of any of the time periods you mention, nor does it change the carrier sense and transmission logics.

    Enabling encryption does increase the size of the MAC header.

    I suspect you have some other question(s). Please ask them one at a time.

    Thanks. /criss

  • Dear Criss

    Thanks Alot for that.

    Best Regards.

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