• Does anyone know where I can get a pdf copy of this standard? It doesnt seem to be included on the IEEE free download pages even though it is >six months old. It is extensively referred to in the CWAP stuy guide and elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance

  • Howdy,
    Try this link

    From what I can tell you will need to download the 802.11, 1999 Edition (R2003), 802.11b-1999 (R2003) and the 802.11g -2003. This is what I did anyway! Maybe some else knows where to get the latest full document for free. The 802.11b and 802.11g are supplements and meant to merge with the 802.11 main document (i.e. these are red lined documents). This means you will have to reference the relevant section in one or all three depending on what you are reading.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Ron

    Thanks. I already downloaded the files you suggest, its just a bit tedious to flick from one to the other all the time.

    So if there is someone out there who knows where a nice combined version is???


  • I dont mind paying for this if there is a pay-for version!

  • According to the IEEE Store there is a IEEE 2004 WLAN Value pack (although it is not for sale any more). It was $150.

    This included the 'New IEEE Wireless LAN Compilation - a compilation based on IEEE Std 802.11-1999 (R2003) and its amendments' which sounds like the kind of thing I was looking for. Anyone got this or know where one is available??



  • Hi:

    All the IEEE 802 free stuff is available here, typically six months after ratification and first publication for a fee:

    The 802.11m task group is working on a replacement for 802.11-1999 that will roll up amendments into a new base document. I guess that will be free six months after it is ratified and published for a fee.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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