• Hi,
    i like to ask what is the transmission speed of the access point 802.11g will be when i will use the 802.11b cards . as we know the maximum speed of 11b cards is 11bits ,

    i run a test and i used 2 access poits , one is 11b and the other is 11g , and i saw big diffrences between them but i used 11Mbits as transmission speed

  • Hi Freedom900 of Stockholm:

    Access points typically use a mix of transmission speeds fit for the destination address and purpose of each frame. This might explain the variety you are seeing.

    Each station, whether client or access point, has its own list of inherently supported rates, built in and unconfigurable, and published "supported rates", theoretically configurable. A station will always receive (demodulate) frames at its inherently supported rates but will only transmit frames at its published supported rates. Each station records the supported rates list of each of its link partners and further restricts its transmissions to a rate supported by its intended destination. Lastly each station maintains for each of its link partners a history of which one of several available mutually supported rates have adequate performance and may adjust the chosen data rate for that partner up or down in response to a changing RF environment.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

  • Another simpler answer (adding to Criss's explanation): Yes when you introduce an 11b card in an 11g medium (11g AP), you will see performance drop to the least common values negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.

    Based on your test, I doubt you'll see data-rates of 11Mbps, maybe slightly lower?

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