• what is the maximum packet size we can send it over ad hoc network using 802.11b ... i mean can we send 2312 or 1500 bytes ???

  • You can send payloads of up to 2304 bytes, so long as you have your IP layer MTU set large enough.


  • 2346 in most cases... and as Devin says, make sure layer 3 MTU matches or you'd end up in fragmented (and possibly dropped) packets.

  • Hi Sbhasin:

    2346 is a formerly useful number to remember for the maximum size of a WEP encrypted 802.11 frame on a wireless distribution system (WDS) between access points.

    2304 is the correct maximum size of the MAC Service Data Unit (MSDU) accepted by the 802.11 MAC sublayer from the LLC sublayer above.

    2304 is 2048 + 256. It is said that an application may send up to a 2048 octet message with up to 256 octets of headers and trailers (for instance TCP, IP, LLC) before reaching the 802.11 MAC sublayer.

    Since the 802.11i amendment there are four cipher suites instead of one: WEP-40, WEP-104, TKIP, and CCMP. WEP, TKIP, and CCMP have different encapsulation overheads. Rather than memorizing three maximum 802.11 frame sizes, none of which is mentioned in the standard, the maximum 802.11 MSDU size of 2304 octets, which is frequently mentioned in the standard, is becoming certifiably (hint) more popular.

    I hope this helps. Can you add your location to your forum profile? Thanks. /criss

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