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    Has anyone configured the Cisco 1200 series AP to use TACACS to login? I have ssh and https working with a local user account, but everytime I configure TACACS I get locked out and have to reset the AP.

    Any help her would be appreciated, as I don't think that it is very secure to use local user for login.

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    Have you verified you've got everything configured as recommended in the IOS Configuration Guide for APs, Configuring RADIUS and TACACS+ Servers chapter:


  • The ap is configured as per Cisco's documentation.
    As part of the 802.1x config, the AP's must be defined as a RADIUS(IETF) client on the ACS and hence I
    cannot use TACACS because of the fact I cannot have the same device(ip address) defined twice on the ACS.
    Attempts to add a TACACS+ entry for a device already defined for RADIUS (Aironet) results in a "device
    already defined" message.

    is there anyone that has this working? ACS ver is 3.3

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    You could add a secondary IP address to the interface.

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